Sebastian Forsythe (Prince)

Sebastian is a handsome vision of youth and vigor, with his jet black hair, clean-shaven face, and blue eyes that sparkle with laughter.

In 1975, “Bloody” Prince Edward stepped down and entered a long-awaited Torpor, appointing his Childer, Sebastian, as his successor. Two years later, Midway erupted in an orgy of violence that almost ended his reign.

Tonight, Prince Sebastian is concentrating on making his reign look smooth and invulnerable. He seeks a calm and sustainable court. Sebastian believes that it’s best for the city if it doesn’t know about the Kindred, and it’s best for the Kindred if the city doesn’t know about them.

Sebastian has the right to arbitrate any complaint that is brought before him as he sees fit and the right to demand that Kindred in conflict submit to his judgment. He has made a point of not abusing his authority capriciously, so few are willing to seriously resist any ruling he hands down.

Given the memories of the recent upheaval, and draconian repression before that, the status quo looks pretty good to many of the city’s Kindred. His sire and previous Prince, Edward Preston, was cruel and relentless in his rule of Midway. Even so, there are many Kindred who whisper that the Prince has become complacent. Sebastian has had to make concessions in order to keep the peace. Some may say he has given up too much, and has become soft.

Influences: Corporate, City Hall

Clan: Ventrue

Covenant: Invictus

Sire: Edward Preston

Childer: Bartholomew

Sebastian Forsythe (Prince)

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