Laws of the City

First Tradition:

The Masquerade – It is forbidden that the existence of Kindred become common knowledge among mortals.

In some ways Midway City is an easy city to hide in, because most people don’t even blink an eye at odd things, and those who do are rarely taken seriously. As such, the Prince is expected to ruthlessly enforce the secrecy of the Kindred. The punishment for this particular crime varies. Neonates and first time offenders are usually given no more than a slap on the wrist, provided the breech is not serious. Repeat offenders, and those who should know better, may be stripped of resources or titles, subject to a Vinculum or even face exile or execution. The Masquerade is serious business.

Domain – All Kindred, who have been released by their sires’, have the right to a Domain (Haven) of their own. Also see the Third Tradition for more.

Second Tradition:

Progeny – Any Kindred whom wishes to Embrace a mortal is required to gain the permission of the Prince first. No mortal under the age of 18 years of age shall be Embraced.

The Tradition of Progeny is not quite as tightly enforced as the Masquerade, but it is still important so as not to disrupt the predator/prey balance of the city. Technically, one needs the permission of the Prince to Embrace, but so much territory lies outside of the Court’s control that it is not hard to slip out and create a childe.
Usually these wayward children then wander back into the city claiming to be nomads or rogue Embraces by the Unbound, while the sire rather conveniently offers to serve as mentor. Most know exactly what’s going on, but it is usually tolerated. When it is not, again the punishment varies.
Embraces that occur after Frenzy or a careless feeding, while not common, are less harshly punished, but even so the sire suffers a loss of face and authority, and may be expected to make reparations to the Court.
The same goes for a Childe created out of passion or love; most Kindred in this situation prefer to throw themselves on the mercy of the Court.
Those who willfully flout the law (and are caught) can be summarily executed.

Tutelage – All Sires are expected to instruct their Childer in all the rules and customs of Kindred society. Furthermore, A Sire is responsible for the actions, or inactions, of their Childe till the night of their release. Until a Childe is released, she suffers the same punishment as her Sire for violating the laws of the Prince, just as he suffers should she transgress.

Third Tradition:

Amaranth – It is forbidden for any Kindred to commit Diablerie.

Diablerie is one of the most horrid crimes a vampire can commit, and it is almost universally punished harshly. As such, the Prince cannot afford to send his Hounds to check every aura they can find and punish those who are marked by their sins. Yet, at the same time, he doesn’t want Midway City to gain a reputation as a diablerist’s playground. Therefore, whenever a vampire is killed the Sheriff investigates fully, using all mundane and mystical resources to determine if Amaranth has been committed. If it has, the perpetrator is ruthlessly hunted down. Lextalionis is often declared and in any case it is exceedingly rare that a diablerist will be allowed to live, although forced torpor (usually for a period of centuries) is an option. The usual punishment is instant death, often by beheading though sometimes by being sent to face the sunrise.

Deference – All Kindred must obey and respect the rules and customs of another Kindred’s Domain when entering such Domain. No Kindred may feed in the Domain of another Kindred, without that Kindred’s permission.

The Law of Grievances (see DC 88) – The Prince and the Primogen Council hold court on the last Tuesday of each month to hear any grievances brought before them. It is also at this time that Kindred must present any requests, such as Siring, Domain or property changes, etc.

Presentation – Any Kindred newcomers must present themselves formally before the Prince or Council.

Kindred Killing – No Kindred may take the unlife of another Kindred without the permission of the Prince.

The penalty for killing another vampire is subjective; dependant on the Prince. (Blood Red p10)

Disciplines – There is no current ban on sharing of Disciplines, in fact, sharing Disciplines with Kindred of other Clans is seen as an admirable coup.

Feeding Restrictions – No vampire may feed upon servants of the mortal government, including (but not limited to) police officers, fire fighters, and elected officials, nor shall they knowingly feed upon the immediate family members of such people.

Vinculum – No Kindred can be forced into a Vinculum without the consent of the Prince. It is acceptable for a Sire to place a blood-bond on his/her Childe when said Childe is created; but not after being released.
No vampire may force a blood-bond upon servants of the mortal government, including (but not limited to) police officers, fire fighters, and elected officials, nor shall they knowingly feed upon the immediate family members of such people.

Burial Sites – No burial site may be the personal domain of any vampire.

City Parks – No vampire has “rights” to any public patch of greenery in his domain.

Elysium – City Hall, all Hospitals and Medical Clinics, all Houses of Worship, Museum of Art, Midway City Library, the Royal Bethlehem Hotel, and any place decided on by the Prince or Council.

General Knowledge:

Racks: There are several racks in the city; usually each section of the city will have one. %
%{color:white}*Other Supernaturals:* The Prince never passed a Law or Edict, but it’s well known that his position is one of neutrality when it comes to other supernaturals.

Laws of the City

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