House Rules

Physical Disciplines – Both Vigor and Resilience are Reflexive actions. Resilience may be re-applied in the same scene to downgrade newly received Aggravated damage.

Merits – It is possible that a merit can be lost during game play (Haven is destroyed, Retainer killed, etc.). The Player and ST will agree as to whether to build the lost merit back up through game play or take the experience points back.

Haven Merit – Haven Size, Haven Location and Haven Security are three different merits that are purchased separately, though they may all be applied to the same space; i.e. Dots in this merit count toward each sub-category (location, size, security). Furthermore, each dot in this merit allows the character to establish one custom in his Haven (see Damnation City p34).

Bloodlines – ST approval only.

Danse Macabre – Masquerades (p41) and Requiems (p54) may be purchased as merits by PCs.

Social Combat – as per Danse Macabre (p127).

House Rules

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