Design Notes

Requiem for Midway City started years ago after I bought a few SASs (Storyteller Adventure System) from White Wolf off of I really loved the way they were written and laid out; I eventually started thinking how they could be put together to make a Chronicle.

I thought of eventually running a Chronicle, but wasn’t sure where I would set it. Reading through Tales from the 13th Precinct, I got the idea of making my own city; Midway City being the sample city in that book.

I wasn’t pressed for time, so as I read White Wolf (and also non White Wolf) material, I added things as I saw fit. I didn’t want to settle for a static backdrop for whoever played; I wanted them to be able to do what ever they wanted, whatever the consequences would be. As time went on, I slowly added more and more detail (quite a lot actually) to the Chronicle and City.

Long ago, I saw a thread on the White Wolf forums which basically said that NPC Kindred gain experience at a rate of 2-3 xp per year of unlife. I decided to check the math by reverse-engineering many of the statted vampires in the many books I had accumulated; what I found was that it was correct in about 95% of the cases. Needless to say, I ended up with lots of NPCs to help populate the city I was designing.

Covenants: I decided to make the populations of each covenant somewhat equal, as I was unsure as to which Covenants prospective players would wish to join; i.e. I didn’t want the Players to skew the balance of power terribly to one side or the other.

Design Notes

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