The First Estate has always held power power in Midway City, but of course, it’s a young city compared to those in Europe and elsewhere. Ask and Invictus vampire, and she’ll tell you that Midway will always be an Invictus city.

The Invictus of Midway began with the election of Thomas Hutchinson to the position of Prince in 1766. At the time there were only 9 Kindred in the area now know as Midway. 5 years later, Rebecca Faulk was outlawed from the city for practicing Cruac; it is said that the Prince felt such powers were a threat to his rule, and that could not be tolerated.
In 1808, Edward Preston staged a coup which led to the Final Deaths of Thomas Hutchinson and Anne Williams. Their Childer, Nathaniel and Lillian, were forced into a Vinculum with Edward in order to preserve the peace. Given that there were only 9 Kindred in the city at the time, they both didn’t have much choice in the matter.

The rule of Bloody Prince Edward, from 1808 to 1976, was a tyrannical dictatorship, pure and simple. The Prince would crack down on anyone that rebelled against his word and would make examples of those that did not follow the Traditions. The power structure of the First Estate has never been anything but ossified, and young Kindred had little chance of advancement in this most static of Kindred organizations. It wasn’t till some 50 years into his rule that another Kindred organization appeared, that being the Lancea Sanctum, which gave younger Kindred an option of sorts. As more Covenants appeared, their members found that they were outside the power structure.

In 1976, Edward Preston appointed his Childer, Sebastian, as his successor prior to a long awaited Torpor.

During the summer of 1977, the Carthian Movement, along with Circle of the Crone, attacked the Invictus/Lancea power block during a massive city-wide blackout.

Lancea Sanctum:

It wasn’t till the arrival of Ignacio in 1854 that the Second Estate took an actual form in Midway. He converted both Lawson and Joshua to the Sanctum within a few years.

The year 1880 saw the arrival of Raphael Pope to the city.

1871: Edmund joins the Sanctum.
1880: Raphael Pope arrives in Midway and joins the Sanctum
1932: Jonathan joins the Sanctum.
1935: The Prince declares a blood hunt on Raphael Pope

Circle of the Crone:

Second only to the Invictus, the Circle is one of the oldest Covenants in the city of Midway. The Prince, Thomas Hutchinson, cast out Rebecca Faulk in 1771 for practicing Crauc. Shortly thereafter, he established laws that forbade the practice of Acolyte religious rituals and assembly by Circle members for political purposes.
There were no know Acolytes in the city till 1848, when a young Kindred named Jessica entered the city and presented herself to the Prince, Edward Preston.

1852: Fabian joins the Circle
1883: Simone joins the Circle
1894: Jessica sires Hannah

Ordo Dracul:

Jervis Radcliffe arrived in Midway in 1890. He was the first member of the Ordo Dracul in the city, and was seen as a bit of a novelty by the ruling class. The Prince had hoped that he could convince him to join the First Estate, but Jervis was much too busy with his scientific research for any political or social machinations.

1893: Anton and Chloe join the Ordo
1910: Carolyn joins the Ordo

Carthian Movement:

Jacob Craster was the first Carthian Kindred in Midway. He came from Europe via Boston in the year 1897. At first, he was seen as nothing more than an interesting partner for debate, worthy entertainment and a sharpener of wits. Some Kindred saw him as nothing but a nuisance, filling young vampires with impossible aspirations, and distracting Kindred with his hollow talk. By the turn of the century, he had attracted a small coterie of Kindred to his side.

In 1907, Kenneth Tyler arrives in Midway from Ireland. He was a headstrong and boisterous fellow, and helped attract many new Kindred to the city to the Carthian Movement with his Socialist ideals. After 3 neonates were accused of insurrection and then met Final Death, Craster reined-in Tyler. Craster convinced him that the direct approach would ruin any chances they had of changing the status quo.

1920 saw the arrival of Marlene Richter to Midway from Germany. She was a bit of an unconventionalist when it came to art and society, but she was not seen as a threat by the First Estate.


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